Why You Need A Lawyer After A Car Accident

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Many people avoid contacting an auto accident attorney after a crash because they are not comfortable with filing lawsuits. They may feel that it is unnecessary because the insurance company will cover the vehicle damage, they have only minor injuries, and the other driver was genuinely remorseful for the accident. It is understandable to want to move on and forget about the incident.

Sometimes letting it go is acceptable or the only option. In many cases, the decision not to talk to a lawyer can cost the accident victim more than they expect. Consider the following reasons if electing not to contact a vehicle accident attorney. 

Protect Your Rights

Contacting a car accident attorney ensures the victim avoids the blame for an accident they did not cause. An attorney will make sure their client has documents, photographs, witness statements, and other materials assembled regarding the accident. The collection will show clear proof of who caused the event.

The laws regarding when people can file a lawsuit after an accident varies by state, but some states allow people to wait as long as six years. Deciding not to file can cause people to throw away documents. Time makes it easy to forget the details. Hiring an attorney prevents accident victims from entering a courtroom as a defendant years later without adequate proof.

Maintain Financial Security

People may not initially believe their injuries from the accident were severe but still need medical care years later. Insurance companies may promise to cover the cost of damage for their clients, but they do not always do so willingly when it becomes a reality.

An accident can cost people much more than they expect. The physical toll and financial burden may reduce credit ratings, lead to job losses, and create an inability to pay bills.

Maintain Your Health

A mild injury from a car accident can become severe if left untreated. Pain or physical limitations can affect the ability to work. Pain can disrupt sleep or cause people to rely on expensive medication. The stress of the pain and financial worries can become mentally overwhelming. Mental health plays a role in overall physical health, so this can slow recovery or cause additional medical issues.   

A car accident attorney will have the experience to know how to factor in the long-term costs of injuries. Their efforts enable people to get the money they need to repair their vehicle damage and cover their immediate medical bills. The settlements or judgments also provide enough to cover future costs, so people experience less emotional turmoil.

The right to file a lawsuit after an accident exists to protect innocent people from the actions of careless drivers. Anyone who experiences this traumatic event should discuss the matter with a vehicle accident attorney. Not every car accident involves enough financial losses to qualify for a claim, but it is worth consulting with an attorney to determine how to proceed. 

Reach out to a car accident lawyer to learn more.

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