Ways To Protect Your Rights To Car Accident Compensation

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Car accidents can upset your life in many ways. During stressful times, some accident victims are not aware of how their actions can hurt their cases and they might end up regretting what they said or did. Find out how to protect yourself from some common pitfalls by reading below. 

Report the Accident

Don't get misled into settling things between the drivers. You will need law enforcement to come out and make an accident report about the accident. If you don't do that, it's your word against the other driver's word. You never know how a minor accident can turn into a problem if you fail to involve law enforcement.

Seek Medical Care

Get help right away even if you don't think you are badly hurt. Call your doctor or go to the closest emergency room and check things checked out. You could be losing out on compensation if you cannot prove that you have injuries. If you notice any medical issues in the days following the accident, go to the doctor. Some injuries are slow to show up.

Monitor Your Communications

Don't speak about the accident unless necessary. You should let your insurer know about the accident and you should also be able to speak freely with your personal injury lawyer. However, don't say anything about the accident to strangers at the scene, the other driver, or their insurance company. The innocent things you say could be used against you in some cases. Also, don't post on social media about the accident.

Speak to an Attorney

You can easily be taken advantage of when it comes to dealing with the other driver's insurance. Even if they agree that their driver was at fault, that doesn't mean you will be offered the settlement you deserve. Most people don't realize what is and what is not included in the damages. Having a personal injury lawyer means you will know how much you should be paid for the accident.

Be Honest With Your Attorney

You and your personal injury attorney have a privileged relationship. Nearly everything you communicate to your lawyer falls under that privilege. Be honest and forthcoming about the details of the accident. For example, if you are unsure about the fault for the accident, tell your lawyer. They need to know everything so that they can do a good job of representing you and getting you paid. 

To learn more, speak to an auto accident lawyer.

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