Workers Compensation Attorney: Claims, Appeals, And Extensions

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If you've been injured in a workplace accident, holding your company accountable can feel like an uphill battle.

Here are just a few of the ways that a workers compensation attorney can help you if you're on the job.

Filing Claims

Many workers are confused about the workers compensation process. When you're injured on the job, a workers compensation lawyer can help you file a claim, not a lawsuit.

  • Legal Angles: many workers wonder if it's worth it to hire a workers compensation lawyer to help them file a claim. In many cases, the answer is a resounding yes for several reasons. First, having a workers compensation lawyer prepare your claim can dramatically improve your odds of successfully filing. Second, a workers compensation lawyer can help you optimize the length and scale of your benefits. Third, a workers compensation lawyer provides some distance and objectivity from your emotions and your employer's attempt to influence your filing.
  • Helping Your Help: to help your workers compensation lawyer prepare your claim efficiently and effectively, you'll need to gather all of your medical and work-related documentation. One of the easiest ways to help your workers compensation lawyer is to file a medical release with your health insurance and health care provider, allowing your legal team access to your medical history. Another way to quickly gather your work-related documentation is to forward your work-related emails, contracts, text messages, and other memos you might have stored on your computer or smart phone. Once your workers compensation lawyer has your documentation assembled, they can create a timeline for your life before and after your injury at work.

Filing an Appeal or Extension

Although some workers are able to file a claim without the aid of a workers compensation lawyer, they aren't as successful in appealing a decision or petitioning for an extension of benefits.

  • Appeals: appealing a denial for workers compensation benefits is a race against time. Not only do you need to file your appeal within a narrow window of time, but you're also probably counting on the benefits to keep you afloat. To expedite the appeals process, you'll need to hand over all of your documentation to a workers compensation lawyer, including your denial letter.
  • Extensions: if your work-related injury deteriorates or fails to heal as you expected, a workers compensation lawyer can schedule an appointment with an independent medical expert and quickly file for an extension.

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