Financial Damages: Counting The Ways

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When you get hit hard by a car accident, your wallet will eventually feel the pain too. Car accidents can damage your physical self, your mental health, and your financial situation. Make no mistake, your physical recuperation needs to come first, but you should not forget to take action so that you can be made whole again financially as well. Read on for a listing of common financial forms of damage that can occur after you've been hit and hurt by a careless driver.

Medical Expenses

This category can catch accident victims by surprise. After all, you expect the at-fault driver's insurer to cover your medical needs. Unfortunately, insurance carriers are not all that good about paying claims in a timely manner. Also, they may deny claims they determine to be in excess of the norm. For example, if you had to be transported to the nearest major trauma center by life flight, the insurer may balk at paying the hefty cost for that ride. Also, when the insurer is slow to pay medical claims, you can be left holding the bag. Medical collections are aggressive and you could end up with damaged credit before you know it. Instead, speak to a personal injury attorney who knows how to push claims through and get all of your medical expenses covered.

Lost Wages

This category of financial damages is not usually included in what most insurers pay and you'll need to speak to a personal injury attorney about taking legal action against the other driver. If you have been hurt in an accident, missing some work is almost inevitable. You should not have to use your precious paid time off to cover that loss in income and you should be reimbursed for all time off. In addition, if you can show that your career or business has suffered from permanent damage, you could be entitled to be paid for lost earning capacity.

Personal Property

In most cases, your wrecked vehicle is covered by the other driver's insurance. However, you may have a problem if your vehicle is fairly new, collectible, or rare. You may owe more on the vehicle than it's value. That means what you receive is not going to be enough to pay off the auto loan. In addition, you should not have to pay out of pocket for transportation costs while you wait for the insurer to act. Ask your personal injury attorney about being paid for rental car costs, using public transportation, tolls, parking, and mileage for medical visits. Speak to an attorney today and don't allow a careless driver to impact your financial situation for long.

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