Injured After Police Brutality

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The purpose of being in the law industry is to assist with fighting, ensuring that justice is served, as well as tackling other legal issues. One of the most important jobs in the law industry is that of a police officer, as citizens rely on them on a daily basis. However, it isn't uncommon for officers to take advantage of their position of authority and commit crimes against citizens rather than protecting them. For instance, there has been cases in which police brutality was committed that left the victims in a bad condition, or even turned out to be fatal. If you are the victim of police brutality, continue reading this article to learn how a personal injury lawyer can assist with filing a lawsuit.

How Did the Confrontation Begin?

When speaking to a lawyer about what happened to you, he or she will need an explanation of your confrontation with the officer that is in question. You must explain what happened from the beginning to the end, and try not to leave out any information. For instance, did you obey all of the orders that the officer gave you? Even if you did something as simple as not empty out your pockets when ordered to, the lawyer will need to know about it. He or she will basically try to determine if the officer believed he or she was in danger, or if you were simply an innocent victim of police brutality.

Is the Officer Known for Being Unfair?

Does the officer that confronted you known around town for unfairly confronting people? Do the people that are generally confronted by the officer seem to all fit the same profile? You might be asked such questions by the lawyer in an effort for him or her to determine if you were possibly being discriminated against or profile because of your race, religion, or something else in regards to how you look. A lawyer can actually perform an investigation to find out if the officer has ever had similar complaints against him, or has been put on temporary leave for his or her actions.

How Severe Are Your Injuries?

Be prepared to let your lawyer know how the officer assaulted you, such as whether or not his fists or a weapon was used. Were you tasered before getting attacked and was too defenseless to protect yourself? It is important to explain the exact injuries that you suffered, as well as how they are being treated. The lawyer might also want the contact information of your physician so he or she can ask specific questions about your injuries in relation to them being the result of the assault. Speak to a lawyer to learn about everything you can be compensated for in a personal injury lawsuit against the officer.

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