Different Types Of Brain Injuries, And The Lawyers You Should Consult For Each

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Brain injuries are the end result of a number of causes. The problem is, most people and children do not recover from brain injuries. That leaves them with physical impairments and/or developmental delays for life. In each case, you have the right to pursue a lawsuit against the person or possession caused. Here are the different types of brain injuries, and the different lawyers who handle these cases.

Traumatic Brain Injury from a Car Accident

This type of brain injury is the result of a major closed head wound that was not resolved quickly enough to prevent swollen brain tissue from dying. The affected person will suffer from slow or difficult speech, inability to process thoughts, inability to control body movements, and a series of other physical and cognitive challenges. Because the cause of the brain injury was a car accident, you would hire a personal injury lawyer to sue the driver of the other vehicle that collided with yours or with the car of a family member.

Traumatic Brain Injury During Birth

Infants who were pulled from the birth canal via a cranial forceps or a suction vacuum device and then ended up with brain injuries are the victims of medical malpractice. Pictures of the misshapen infants' heads, and the delivery records that explicitly say that the infants were pulled out this way is evidence for the malpractice suit. You would need to hire a medical malpractice lawyer for this type of brain injury case.

Traumatic Brain Injury as the Result of Physical Assault

Physical assaults and/or battery cases often involve some injuries to the head. When you have experienced more than one physical assault and battery incident that involved blows to your head, you are the victim of a felony case. You will need to pursue restitution against your batterer during the course of your batterer's conviction. In this instance, you need a criminal lawyer that fights for the victims in these cases.

Why There's a Difference

Odd though it is, not all brain injuries are the same. As you can see, not all the causes are the same, either. Hiring the correct lawyer for your case is every bit as important as winning restitution that will provide medical care for you or for your family member for the rest of your/his/her life. If your case has some gray areas, consult with more than one of the above lawyers to ascertain which is right for your case.

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