Top 4 Mistakes To Avoid After Being Involved In A Crash With A Semitruck

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Nobody ever anticipates that they're going to become the victim of a semitruck accident. Unfortunately, it happens more often than you may think. Should you ever find yourself facing the aftermath of a semitruck accident as a motorist, there are a few mistakes you'll want to be careful to avoid. Otherwise, your ability to receive a claim or settlement could be at risk.

Failing to Obtain Witness Contact Information

As soon as you know you and your passengers are okay, it's time to call the police and begin pulling any witnesses aside who saw the accident happen. Often times, motorists who witness a truck accident will stop to ensure everyone is okay. Don't hesitate to ask a few witnesses for their contact information, should you need a statement later on to support your case.

Refusing to be Checked Out by a Doctor

Even if you don't think you're injured as a result of the crash, it's important that you at least get checked out by a doctor immediately after the accident. For starters, many injuries can mask themselves, especially with the adrenaline that may be running through your body after the accident. Furthermore, should an accident-related injury arise later on,such as whiplash, you'll want to be able to show that you sought medical attention if you want to receive compensation for your medical bills and related expenses.

Not Speaking With an Attorney as Soon as Possible

If you plan on filing a claim or taking the trucking company to court because you believe their driver was responsible for your accident, you'll need to have legal representation throughout the process. Consult with an attorney as soon as possible: he or she will be able to provide you with important advice and guidance throughout the rest of your case.

Failing to Send a Spoliation Letter to the Trucking Company

To ensure any potential evidence is not damaged, you should also send an official spoliation letter to the trucking company involved in the accident, which puts them on notice that you have a claim against them and requires them to preserve evidence. If you have an attorney, this is something that he or she can handle on your behalf.

These are just a few of the more common mistakes people make after being involved in a semitruck accident. If you're careful to avoid these mistakes, hopefully your case will settle more easily and quickly. Just be sure to consult with an experienced semitruck crash attorney as soon as possible.

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