Finding Evidence And Pushing Greater Accident Compensation

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Were you hit by a car while walking? Did a roadside incident cause you to lose precious property? Many areas have pedestrian right of ways that may not be obvious, and even in areas where vehicles have the right of way, you may have been doing everything you were supposed to do to be safe and follow the rules. No matter what the other side of the argument may be, you need to find as much evidence to prove your point and make sure that your rights are protected and that you get everything you deserve with the following details.

Finding Evidence In The Mobile Tech Age

Smartphones, dash cams, and all kinds of other technology can record information in most cities and many roads,. Whether by pure luck of a person passing by with a camera or by being in an area with security surveillance systems, you can find evidence that shows multiple sides of an accident.

There are many places to look, such as any business with a parking lot on the road or storage facilities. The important part is that you have the necessary tools to get copies of the information and share that information with your lawyer.

For most modern systems, this means you'll need to card an SD (secure digital) card and a portable USB drive. Thumb drives/USB sticks are the better choice for getting information on the go, as they don't require an additional power device when connected to a computer.

Many security cameras and dash cams use SD cards to save the information, but some will automatically save onto the owner's SD card. In these cases, just ask the company or owner to put the information into a desktop or laptop computer with SD card slots. This will allow you to use the more affordable and more easily copied USB drive to get the information for your lawyer if you come across an unexpected source of information.

What Compensation Is Possible?

Understanding the amount of money you could win is difficult without analyzing your specific information. 

Major factors include your medical bills after the accident, lost wages because of the accident, and destruction of property. The more complex factors include possible disability costs if you may be disabled over years, or even for a lifetime.

Disability potential must be analyzed by medical professionals who also have experience with disability systems. This is necessary because the specific language used to describe your injuries must be worded in a way that remove any shadow of a doubt that you're a disability risk.

Compensation can come in the form of a lump sum payment, or a lifelong stipend. In many cases, the perpetrator will be responsible for a substantial sum of your medical costs, as well as pain and suffering. You may not be able to get a lifetime of payments from that person alone, so it's more likely that your court case will serve as justification for Social Security.

Contact a pedestrian accident lawyer, such as from Law Offices of Rickie T. Weiner P.C., to discuss other forms of compensation and ways to get the justice you deserve.

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