Don't Be Scared Of Your Rights Because Of Heights: 3 Tips For Protecting You Rights After A Fall Injury

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If you take look at the statistics of construction worker work-safety, you will quickly find out that construction jobs are some of the most dangerous occupations. What is the most common construction injury? Falls cause the most work related injuries for construction occupations. If you are a worker that has been injured in a fall, the cause of your injury may not have been your fault, but you need to know your rights when settling a case in court. Here are some tips that will help you protect your rights after being injured:

1. Most of Construction Accidents Are Fall Related

In the construction, industry there are many safety hazards, but because of the nature of the work, falls are the cause most of construction injuries. To reduce fall related injuries, OSHA even has a fall prevention campaign to educate employees and business of the dangers. Businesses that do not follow fall safety guidelines are subject to stiff fines if they get caught violating safety regulations.

2. Most Fall Occur Due to OSHA Violations and Not Using Proper Fall Protection

Most falls in the construction industry are due to OSHA fall safety violations. If fall protection and safety protocols are not followed correctly or adhered to at all, then this is a violation of the Occupational Health And Safety Administration regulations. If you were not provided with fall prevention systems or told not to use them, then your employer is directly at fault for your fall injury because you probably would not have fallen had you used to proper safety systems and followed the OSHA fall prevention guidelines.

3. To Properly Use Fall Protection, You Need Training to Use It Correctly

Did you know that there are different types of cord anchors for different construction trades and the work that is being done?  An anchor is what cordage of harnesses attach to for fall protection systems, and these systems must be especially designed and certified by OSHA. If your employer was using inappropriate gear, such as that used by rock climbers, then failure of these systems could be the cause of your falling. As with anything, you need training to know the different types of fall protection systems and how to properly use them. Incorrect use of fall protection due to the lack of training is neglect on the part of your employer for not providing training.

These are some of the facts about fall injuries in the construction industry that you should be familiar about after you have fallen. If you have been injured by a fall and think neglect of your employer is to blame, contact a construction injury lawyer to get the representation you deserve. 

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