Avoid Another Motorcycle Accident: How To Stay Safe During Winter Riding

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If you own a motorcycle, you probably dread the coming of winter. As soon as winter arrives, you've got to put your bike away until spring arrives. If you're not ready to put your bike away just yet, you might decide to ride it through a few winter storms. Unfortunately, that's a good way to end up in a motorcycle accident. If you've already been involved in a motorcycle accident, you want to do everything in your power to avoid another one. If you're going to try and extend your riding time into winter, here are three tips that will help you avoid being involved in another motorcycle accident.

Keep the Tires Warm

When it comes to your motorcycle, if the tires are cold, you're not going to get the traction or the control that you need. Unfortunately, that means your chances of being involved in an accident are going to increase. To avoid tire related accidents, try to keep them warm while you're riding. One way to do that is to fluctuate your speed when you can. When you get to a stretch of road where traveling is clear, and weather is good, accelerate for a few miles. This will help keep your tires warm, which will help ensure proper traction and control.

Watch for Salt and Plow Marks

If you're going to be riding your motorcycle during winter weather, be alert for hazards on the road. You might not realize this, but things like road salt and plow marks can make it difficult to stay on the road. First, road salt can make it difficult to control the movement of your tires. Second, snow plows can leave deep ruts in the road that your tires can get caught up in. Once your tires hit those plow marks, you can lose control of your bike, which can lead to an accident. To protect yourself, always watch for salt and plow marks. Watching for those issues in the road can also help you identify areas where vehicles might lose control, as well. If you're aware of those areas, you'll have a faster reaction time when something happens.

Increase the Distance

While you're riding your motorcycle during the winter, it's important to increase the distance between you and the cars around you. Remember that vehicles, including your bike, need additional space when coming to a stop. Because of this, you should begin slowing down sooner than you would during warmer weather. You should also allow additional space between you and the car behind you. When you come to a stop, keep an eye on the car behind you. Watching the car behind you will ensure that you have time to move forward should the vehicle begin sliding during the stop.

If you're going to ride your bike this winter, make sure you protect yourself from accidents. If you are involved in an accident, be sure to contact an attorney, such as from The Jaklitsch Law Group, with experience in motorcycle accidents.

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