Four Important Components Of A Motorcycle Helmet

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As a motorcyclist, it's important you are wearing all the right gear all the time. The most motorcycle accidents occur when you are running errands or making a quick trip to the store while the most common motorcycle accidents are caused by people driving cars. This is why helmets and other protective gear are important to wear at all times and to invest in high quality. Here are four important components of a motorcycle helmet to look into:

  1. The Outer Shell: The outer shell of the helmet should be made of fiber-reinforced composites. What this does is lessen the blow of the impact when you are in a crash. This way, your head is not hit so hard and you are less likely to suffer from any kind of brain trauma. 
  2. The Liner: Next, the liner needs to be made of styrofoam or something similar, which is what absorbs the impact. This prevents the impact from quickly making it to your head, which can cause a serious head injury. Basically, it's going to prevent the energy from the fall from making it to your head since most of it will be absorbed in the styrofoam material. 
  3. The Padding: Next is the padding, which is what sits against your head. This is basically just for comfort. However, it also ensures that the helmet sits firmly against your head. This way, there's less likely of a chance that the helmet is going to slip to one side or fall off completely when you are involved in an accident. Besides, being comfortable while wearing the helmet is also important for a smooth and relaxing ride so you can spend more of your time focusing on driving safely. 
  4. The Retention System: Finally, you have the retention system, which is the chin strap on the helmet. This is also important for ensuring that the helmet does not slip to one side and it can even provide protection for your chin to prevent it from splitting at the force of impact should you happen to land on your chin. You want to be sure that this fits snug and comfortably on your chin to ensure that it is properly fitted snug on your head. 

When you know what the four most basic and important components of a motorcycle helmet is, you can be sure that you end up with a helmet that is perfectly protecting you and preventing an all too common head injury in the event of a car accident. Contact an attorney, like Cok Kinzler PLLP, for more help.

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