4 Things Everyone Should Consider When Thinking About A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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If you've recently lost a close relative due to the negligent or even intentional actions of another, consider these facts:

1. No amount of money will bring the deceased back to you --- but money can ease the way for the future to help where that person will no longer be available. If you've lost your spouse, you have also lost a companion who could have been there to help you through the dark times in life everyone experiences. If you have children, they've lost a parent that could have guided them through periods of adolescence and passed on their wisdom. You've both lost the deceased's future financial compensation -- and insurance can be dissipated quickly. A wrongful death claim can provide for college educations and more.

2. If the death occurred due to something that you feel should be prosecuted criminally -- after a fight in a bar where your loved one was attacked, for example -- the wrongful death lawsuit might be the only way to get justice. A criminal case requires a lot of evidence and a very high standard of proof to prosecute -- there has to be evidence that goes beyond a reasonable doubt that the guilty party is responsible for the death of your loved one. A wrongful death case, by comparison, only has to prove that the guilty party "more likely than not" caused your loved one's death.

3. Your wrongful death claim could get the ball rolling again on a criminal investigation. People can refuse to talk to the police -- but they may have a harder time refusing to give a deposition or answer questions in civil court unless they want to just hand you a victory. A wrongful death claim may nudge loose information that that police don't already have or give them more to use in a criminal case in the future.

4. You could prevent someone from suffering the same loss you are suffering. If your loved one died, for example, because his boss didn't really pay attention to whether or not employees were over-tired and needed a break while they were working with dangerous machinery, your lawsuit can include settlement terms that require supervisors to evaluate employees every hour or two to see if any are showing signs of abnormal fatigue and send them on break.

You lose nothing by talking to a wrongful death accident attorney about your case and getting his or her take on the situation.

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