3 Choices When You Don't Get The Settlement You Want From Your Insurance Company

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When your insurance company offers you a settlement you don't agree with, you don't have to accept your insurance company's offer. You can straight-up reject their offer, make a counteroffer or take your insurance company to court to get the offer you want.

#1 Reject Their Offer

The first thing you can do is reject their offer in writing. You can draft a letter where you explicitly state that you are rejecting their offer. Then, you can explain why you are rejecting their offer and back it up with information.

For example, if you are rejecting the offer because you don't feel like the insurance company is offering you enough medical compensation, detail why you think their offer is not fair. Included detailed information about the medical treatment that you have undergone so far, as well as information about the medical care and treatment you are going to need in the future. You can back up your statements with documentation.

If you only want to write a rejection letter and not a counter offer, be sure to give the insurance company something to work with so they can bring you a better offer. Let them know what part of their offer you found to be unfair.

#2 Submit A Counter Offer

You can also submit a counter offer to your insurance company. This can help your insurance company understand how much you are looking for. With a counter offer though, it is a good idea to shoot a little higher than your ideal number. There is a good chance the insurance company is going to look at your number, and offer you a settlement amount somewhere between their original offer and your counteroffer. You are more likely to get the settlement you want if you shoot a little higher with your counteroffer.

#3 Go To Court

Your final option is to take your insurance company to court. You can start a personal injury lawsuit against your insurance company. Oftentimes, your insurance company will be more willing to negotiate when you take them to court and will want to reach a settlement before going through and paying for the legal process. Be aware that any settlement you get now will be subject to legal fees, which will reduce the overall amount that you end up with.

A personal injury attorney can help you determine which course of action is best for your individual situation and can help you create a rejection letter, counter offer, and a lawsuit. 

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