Herniated Disk Questions Patients May Need Answered

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Back problems can be an extremely unpleasant issue for you to face. When suffering from back pains, you may find that the cause is more serious than a simple pulled muscle. In fact, herniated disks can be a common type of back injury that can have debilitating effects for patients.

How Can A Person Know That They Have Herniated A Disk?

Some of the more common symptoms of a person suffering from a herniated disk will be an intense pain in the back to persists and worsens over time. Additionally, patients may experience extreme weakness in their back as the swelling, pain and nerve damage can interfere with the muscles in the back. Due to the positioning of your spinal cord and column, it can be possible for a herniated disk to cause symptoms in your arms and legs. The nature of these symptoms can also change over time as the pressure from the herniated disk can shift. As a result, you should make sure that you are having back pains that persist for more than a couple of days evaluated by a doctor.

What Are The Factors That Put A Person At Risk Of Herniating A Disk?

A person's age will be one of the leading factors in determining their risk of herniating a disk in their spine. This is due to the fact that the padding in the vertebrae can degrade over time, which can cause a gradual weakening of the spine as a person ages. In addition to age, individuals that are particularly active due to athletics or their job may be at a higher risk of suffering these injuries at younger ages, but using the appropriate type of back brace may help to reduce this risk.

Can Herniated Disks Be Treated?

When a person suffers a herniated disk, they will suffer an immediate reduction in their quality of life. This will be due to the pain that they experience along with a physical inability to perform the tasks or activities that they want to do. Luckily, it is possible for a herniated disk to be treated with a fairly routine surgical procedure that will repair the damage to the disk. While this type of back surgery is fairly routine, it is important to note that you will likely need to undergo rehabilitation to fully recover from the injury and the surgery to repair. Those that waited a long time before having surgery done to repair the injury may require longer rehabilitation due to the extensive damage that may have occurred.

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