Five Safety Tips For Driving Around Semi-Trucks

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Semi-truck accidents while less common than regular car accidents do occur and can cause much more damage because of the large size of the semi-truck. However, you won't always be compensated for these damages if you were at fault for the accident in the first place, which is most often the case since many people are unaware of how to take caution when driving around a semi-truck. Here are five safety tips to consider:

  1. Stay Out of the Blind Spots: First off, you don't want to be driving in the truck's blind spots. This would be anywhere towards on the side and back of the truck in which you cannot see the driver's face in the side-view mirror. If you are in a truck's blind spot, you need to get out of it by either passing the truck or slowing down enough to get back into their field of view. 
  2. Pass Quickly: If you plan on passing a semi-truck, you will want to use your signal light, be sure that you can see their face in the side mirror, and then speed up past them as quickly as you can while still driving safely. This way, the driver is more than likely completely aware that you are passing and therefore they can take precautions, as well. 
  3. Allow the Semi-Truck to Pass You: If there is a semi-truck trying to pass you, you should let them do so. You might be in their blind spot, so it's important to slow down and let the pass happen. If you need to pass them afterward, you can do so safely. However, it's not worth risking the chance of preventing them to pass you if they are already making the move. If you speed up, you will definitely end up in their blind spot on the side. 
  4. Don't Pass Going Downhill: If you are driving downhill, don't make a plan to pass up a semi-truck driver. It takes a lot longer for a semi-truck to break and you don't want to be rear-ended, especially by a semi-truck. 
  5. Don't Try to Beat them to the Turn: While a semi-truck makes slow turns, they also make wide turns, so you will want to wait instead of attempting to pass them up on the turn. Doing this is sure to get your vehicle hit by their wide turn. 

If you have been involved in a car accident involving a semi-truck and you were injured, you want to contact a personal injury law office like Palmetto Injury Lawyers to determine fault in the situation and what you can do to possibly be compensated for the injuries endured. 

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