Running From A DUI Accident: Three Reasons Why It's Not Smart

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People who drink and drive do very dangerous things. They also frequently do a lot of stupid things. One of those not-so-bright things is to run away from the scene of an accident to avoid a DUI charge. If you expect a DUI lawyer to help you, you should never do this. Here is why running from a DUI accident is a terrible move on your part.

Leaving Your Car Leads to You

Some people under the influence fail to remember that the plates on their vehicles will lead the police directly to their doorsteps. This one of those, "Oh, duh!" moments where you almost want to laugh at yourself, except that your car hit something and/or someone. Then the moment the police track down your residence via your car's plates, things go from somewhat funny to very, very serious.

Street Cams Catch You in the Act

Since so many cities have now installed street cameras, nobody can walk or run away from an accident without being caught on camera. Even if you drive drunk and crash your vehicle miles from the nearest street camera, and even if the footage is grainy, the police will still have images of your vehicle before its crash and of you abandoning it. In a court of law, the footage can be used against you, and there is nothing your lawyer can do to argue your way out of that.

Witnesses or Personal Belongings in the Vehicle

When you are drunk, you are not thinking clearly. The more drunk you are, the more this is true. As such, you could be running from the vehicle after it crashes only to have witnesses see you and see where you went. The other problem is the fact that you might leave personal items in the car which clearly identify that it was unmistakably you doing the driving. These items often include your wallet or your cellphone in the driver's seat or on the driver's seat floor. While your lawyer could attempt to argue that such personal objects left behind could be circumstantial evidence, the rest of the previously mentioned proof would nail you down.

The Outcome of Choosing to Flee a DUI Accident

Fleeing a DUI accident is bad all around. The judge could view you as criminally negligent for failing to report to the police any injuries and property damage. You could lose your license to drive. Additionally, you may be forced to serve and repay harsher jail times and fines. Even though you do not want to get caught under the influence at the scene of an accident, running away from it is far, far worse

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